Chicken & Waffles, Kites, and Gophers 1.1.1

Hello everybody!

It’s finally summer and the last stress from finals is wearing off! I’m here to tell you about one of the more eventful days of the summer so far (because as everybody knows there is always more fun things to do when you are still in school, once summer hits the amount of appealing things to do seems to drastically decrease :P).

On Wednesday we made chicken and waffles (we missed you again K’dee). For those of you who don’t know what chicken and waffles is, it’s basically a waffle with fried chicken, white gravy, and maple syrup on it. It may sound strange at first but once you’ve tasted it you’re hooked. So we made the waffles (without any major mishaps and overflowing waffle makers, its happened before). I’ll put a link down below for a recipe very similar to the one we used. We also prepared the chicken for frying (my mom did the actual frying part for us). My mom makes really good buttermilk fried chicken so we used her recipe for that, hence why I don’t have exact measurements (because she never has exact measurements for her recipes). However its pretty simple. You just put all the chicken in a bowl add salt, pepper, seasoning salt, and garlic powder. Then after that, you add buttermilk (we managed to add the buttermilk first so we had to fish the chicken out of it then add the seasoning). We let the chicken soak in the buttermilk for awhile (the longer you let it soak the softer it is once it’s fried). Once you are ready to fry the chicken you simply take it out of the buttermilk and dip it in flour (we added some salt, pepper, seasoning salt, and garlic powder to our flour to make it more flavourful) and fry it. And of course the maple gravy was made. The gravy we made was sweet enough, as well as tasting enough like maple syrup for us not to need to put actual maple syrup on our waffles. This made it simpler cause we only had to put the gravy on instead of battling with the enormous mouths that most maple syrup bottles have ( I always end up with a pool of maple syrup when I use them because I am clumsy like that). Finally, it was time to eat them. They were absolutely delicious! The waffles are perfectly complimented by the salty and crunchy fried chicken, which is balanced by the sweet creaminess of the maple gravy. I’ll put link for the gravy at the bottom of the post.
After our food coma wore off we decided it was a good day for bubble tea (and hey when isn’t it a good day for bubble tea).  And thus started our adventure with kites and gophers. As we contemplated what to do after the bubble tea it dawned on us that it was a great day to fly a kite (it was exciting cause I’ve never actually flown a kite when it actually decided to leave the ground). Of course the first question was where to find a kite? After some running around (in Walmart) and hunting (in a house) we eventually managed to get a kite. Then we kinda had some trouble with stringing it (we made it way more complicated than necessary cause we usually don’t fly kites) but eventually after all of our needless shenanigans with fishing line (long story and you really don’t want to know) and lots of knots we managed to get it up in the sky (after undoing all of our hard work and just listening to what google told us to do). It turned out to be a beautiful day to fly a kite and lots of fun. Lastly but definitely not least are the gophers (I think that’s what they are). The ones living on the field (that we were flying our kite on) seemed to like the kite and were not shy at all and let us get up close and personal. It was quite fascinating cause they are usually quite skittish, however, these ones let us come within a few feet of their holes without rushing back in. Overall the day panned out quite nicely and I got to actually FLY a kite instead of dragging it along 😀

Waffles – The only differences were we used 2 cups of flour a 1 teaspoon of salt

Maple Gravy – This recipe is absolutely amazing and it went perfectly with our chicken and waffles

Sweet Waffles – Here is a recipe that we really like when we are making regular sweet waffles


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